Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Introduction: My Clitoris

I'd be lying if I said that I'm shy, demure, or inhibited in any way whatsoever -- I mean, I sell porn flicks for a living. I'm a porn girl, and, therefore, a frequent masturbator. It's kind of my job.

When I decide to take a honeymoon in my hand after a stressful day watching porn flicks, I have a virtual arsenal of toys at my disposal. I get them from everywhere -- if there's a new way to get off, I have to try it out! I spent a small fortune in batteries before I switched to rechargeables. I have my favorites, my reliable stand-bys, my toys for when I'm feeling exotic or shy or particularly stressed. I try them all, and a few, a precious few, make the cut and get into my special toybox, the one next to my bed. My clitoris is picky, and by this point I'm a freakin' EXPERT at polishing the pearl with just about every device known to woman.

It occured to me that some might like an honest, hands-on review of those few, those special few, that band of hummers that gets me off like crazy. So this is where I do that. I'll be posting from time to time when I find something special, or want to discuss the finer points of flickin' the bean. While this is mostly intended for the girls, I encourage the menfolk to pay close attention: Christmas is cumming, and nothing says "I love you!" like a masturbatory aid!

Don't worry, fellas. Until they make a vibrator that can take out the trash, your jobs are safe.

Love and kisses,

Misty Love
Offical VideoMail Kitty Tickler